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Institutional Repository

Our College library being the core part of our institution collects, transmits and updates information to the teachers, students and other stakeholders. Library has subscription to variety of Newspapers, Magazines, Research journals and Online E-Resources. Library shares its resources under Inter library loan with other college libraries in the vicinity. Our Library is highly functional and systemically caters to the needs of college students and faculty.

Objectives of our Library

1) To inculcate reading habit among the Students.
2) To provide guidance and aid to all the teachers and students via library recourses.
3) To provide significant books, Journals, Magazines & Relevant data.
4) To build and cater for a supportive & stimulating environment for both the Students & the Staff.
5) To encourage all the students to be become independent learners & develop a positive attitude for lifelong learning.
6) To provide the opportunities to the students to develop in knowledge & skills through library resources.
7) To contribute to the personal and behavioral development of the students through multi-disciplined books and relevant resources available in our Library.

Major functions of Library
  • Circulation of books
  • Acquisition- Selection, Ordering, Processing
  • Library data entry
  • Processing of Newspapers, Magazines and Journals
Library Services & Facilities
  • Lending/Borrowing Books
  • Newspaper clippings
  • OPAC
  • Cyber Zone
  • Book bank
  • Advanced learner
  • New arrival information display
  • Library orientation to fresh members.
  • Membership to external users.
  • Access to Open/Online e-resources
  • Access to Institutional repository